Publications and Exhibitions:

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“Asklepios Galgalim”
A solo show of new works by Hunter Stabler

The Satellite Gallery
55 Broadway St, Asheville, NC
August 5th-28th
Opening reception Friday August 5th 7-10pm

“The Colors I Am Inside”

Parlor Gallery
June 18th- July 18th
717 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ 07712
+ 1732 869 0606

At Stephen Romano Gallery Closes on October 15th

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September 3rd, 2015 5-9PM

Group Exhibition

“Strange Waves”

“Strange Waves” features artwork spanning the gamut of psychedelic experiences from alternate realities and out of body experiences to lucid dream states and vivid hallucinations.

Take a trip through the unique perspectives and bizarre visions of some of our favorite mind-altering artists in this group exhibition by Flatcolor, the gallery who first took you through the vortex with “Round Trip” back in August 2011. Sit back, relax and ride the Strange Waves into another consciousness.


Bruce Bickford
Oliver Hibert
Isis Fisher
Jacqueline Denton
Hunter Stabler
Hannah Stouffer
Adam Mckenzie
Hilary White
Nicole Linde
Jose Di Gregorio
Scott Greenwalt
Davon Foots
Spencer Hibert
Jorge Gutierrez
Carl Krull

through September 26th

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The Morbid Anatomy Museum and Stephen Romano are excited to announce a curated exhibition of works with an edgy occult or other worldly affect, reflecting both the Museum and the curator’s common sensibilities and celebrating the Morbid Anatomy Museum first year in existence, July 18 through October 15 2015.

The exhibition is comprised of a blend of historical, “Outsider”, and Visionary art, as well as contemporary works, vintage books, vernacular photography, folk sculpture, spirit photography, and many surprises. As with previous exhibitions curated by Stephen Romano, the design and content of the exhibition will be in constant dynamic motion throughout the course of the exhibition, adding, taking away, reflecting the synergistic relationship the curator has with the collection.

The exhibition, entitled “OPUS HYPNAGOGIA: Sacred Spaces of the Visionary and Vernacular”, is composed of works from Stephen Romano’s esoteric personal collection, as well as works sampled from the collections of associates such as the Collection of J.K. O’Rourke, David Wheatcroft Collection, Joey Lin’s Annonymous Works Collection, David Winter Works on Paper Collection, John Foster Collection, The Ashé Collection of Randall Morris, Shari Cavin, Simone Morrisand and the inclusion of some of the most highly respected and recognized contemporary artists of our time including Kris Kuksi, Kymia Nawabi, Martin Wittfooth, El Gato Chimney, Rithika Merchant, Rene Allain, Caitlin McCormack, Jel Ena, Ellen Stagg, Lori Field, David Molesky, Erna Kd, Matthew Dutton, Lizz Lopez, Joseph McVetty, Peca, Barry William Hale and Hunter Stabler.
July 18 – October 15 2015
at The Morbid Anatomy Museum
424-A 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY (347) 799-1017

I am featured in this book available now online and in stores


High Touch
Graphic Design & Art
Tactile Design and Visual Explorations

The three-dimensional look of today’s visual culture is being shaped by techniques and styles from fine art and handicraft.

R. Klanten, M. Hübner
Available Soon in the US!

Release Date:
August 2012
24 x 28 cm
208 pages, full color, hardcover

About This Book

High Touch is a powerful collection of cutting-edge tactile design. This choice selection of three-dimensional work defines a new visual language for presentation and storytelling. The handicraft and artisanship necessary for the creation of these works appeal to the interdisciplinary mindset of our time and activate more of our senses than standard two-dimensional images ever could.

High Touch documents an inspiring range of material objects and spatial orchestrations that meld crafts including crochet, papercraft, and the design of costumes and masks with the techniques of more traditional art forms such as installation, sculpture, collage, photography, and illustration. The examples featured in the book prove that the scope for this trailblazing work is enormous. Applications include advertising, brand presentations, editorial design, photography, product design, stage design, and scenography, as well as related fields that either exist already or that their creators have yet to invent.

30 artists including me are featured in PUSH Paper. It is available in stores and online from Lark Books and on